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We are a staffing, recruiting, and home health care training agency with a new vision for home health care and additional wrap around services. We connect employers with immigrants, visa recipients,  and refugees looking for a new way of life in America.

We provide immediate work and housing for these immigrants in the hospitality, landscaping, construction and other industries, and vet those interested in owning their own home-based business in the health care industry.


What can we do for you?


We have you covered! We will provide you with work and a place to live, with our partners in the hospitality, landscaping, or construction industry.

We are partnered with businesses in a number of cities that are looking for people just like you.

For those interested in long term opportunities, we can train you to own a home-based business as “Personal Daily Assistants” in the home health care industry! These opportunities will be limited, begin by applying today. 


At GoFish We recruit, qualify and train candidates for short term, seasonal and urgent situations in the restaurant, hospitality, construction, landscaping, transportation and home care industries.  

If your company believes in providing dignified work at market prices, and leadership for those seeking a better life, please join our cause to help those in need.    

Help us, help you, while we train to help others in the home care industry of the future! 

What we do

Our Future Vision


Our process starts here helping people find work and a place to live in the United States. By providing immediate help to restaurants, hotels, construction, and landscaping companies we are simultaneously filing a pipeline of eager immigrants entrepreneurs who wish to train and fill the need gap in the home health care industry today. Your waiter or waitress of today, may end up being your care giver of tomorrow.


The need for compassionate, caring, and well trained caregivers is core to our mission and the major reason we started the GoFish Network and family of companies. The CNA “Certified Nursing Assistant” community is overwhelmed and extremely underpaid. We intend to change that! We are, recruiting, recreating, and rebranding caregivers with skills that go above and beyond that of a traditional “CNA.” “Personal Daily Assistants” will assist in all aspects of caring for our elders. Personal Daily Assistants will be our “Special Sauce” as we look to upend and reimagine home healthcare today. 


Keeping elders in their own homes through end of life is our primary goal. The GoFish Network strives to reduce emotional stress for you, your spouse and your family.

From the minute you become ill, your dignity is our only concern.  A personal advocate will be with you every step of the way. 

We have programs that bind communities, neighborhoods, places of faith, families, volunteers, Boys and Girls Club of America together to ensure that end of life in never done alone!


Our network of companies, services, and platforms are designed to work together in sync, as well as stand-alone businesses. We have one goal; find best people, processes, and services and teach as many humans as possible to support and provide products and services to the 70 million Baby Boomers entering retirement as well as their parents and grandparents as they enter end of life care. These systems and processes will work much better when neighbors, communities, church families, friends, volunteers, and philanthropic organizations have a central place to go to work together, volunteer together and participates together at each phase of the aging process. We will change the way people live, work and support one another through life’s hardest challenge.

“Teach a man to fish, you will feed him for a lifetime.”

What Drives Us

Our Mission

The GoFish Network will provide jobs, housing and employment for migrant and refugee workers. We will train many of those individuals to helping others. We will correct current wrongs to our elderly and to their families. We will accomplish this by providing technology tools, information resources and training to ensure their lives are honored and their end of life plans are met with optimum efficiency and responsibility. 


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